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Anthropocene and Empire: Discourse Networks of the Human Record
International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing 
Algorithmic Antitrust Research | Felix Chang, Erin McCabe, Zhaowei Ren, James Lee | 2020
Biblical Interpretation | James Lee, PhD
Literature Linked Reading: Digital Historicism and Early Modern Discourses of Race around Shakespeare’s Othello | James Lee, PhD | 2018
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Proceedings of the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC), National Institute of Standards and Technology (2019) 
Retrieving Scientific Abstracts using Venue- and Concept-based Approaches: CincyMedIR at TREC 2019 Precision Medicine Track | Danny TY Wu, Wu-Chen Su, James Lee
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Proceedings of the International Association of Societies of Design Research Conference (IASDR), 2019. 
Curatorial Groupware: Designing Collaborative Curation Tools for Public Exhibition of Community-Built Archives | Matthew Wizinsky, Neha Mann, James Lee, Johnathan Avant, Erin McCabe, and Gifty Arthur